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Prevention of diseases is as important or perhaps more important than control and treatment of diseases. One of the primary areas of focus at Spring Garden is the prevention and early diagnosis of diseases, and we believe that patient education is of vital importance here. A well informed patient is always a healthier person than the ill informed patient. We are therefore conducting a series of HEALTH EDUCATION PROGRAMMES for the General Public to give them a general picture of specific, common medical problems, its causes and how it can be prevented and controlled.

These programmes are usually conducted at the Clinic on Sundays, we also conduct such programmes at other locations on demand. The sessions are addressed by eminent medical practitioners from the relevant specialities.

The programmes are organised twice a month and entry is open to all on payment of a registration fee of Rs 25/person. (for on campus programmes).

We invite you to share the enthusiasm and happiness we have invested in our project. Please contact us at or 0471-2541441 / 9447048561.