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The Child-Birth clinic has been planned to make the whole experience of child-birth as stress-free, comfortable and happy as possible. It places the mother centre-stage, where she rightly belongs as the bearer of human life, and gives her the loving care that is rightly due to her.

During the entire period of care, our experienced lady doctors and family physicians will always be at hand to guide the expecting mother through a safe pregnancy and childbirth with professional personal care.

This special package includes:

  1. Ante-natal check-ups:
    1. Monthly check-ups till the 28th week (7 visits)
    2. Fortnightly check-ups from the 29th to the 36th week (4 visits)
    3. Weekly check-ups from the 37th to the 40th week. (4 visits)
  2. (During these check-ups maternal well-being will be closely assessed, foetal growth and well-being carefully monitored and possible risk factors during pregnancy identified.)

  3. Ante-natal investigations:
    1. Blood group and hepatitis B, HIV, VDRL and other screening tests
    2. Regular checking of Hb and urine analysis
    3. Glucose challenge and glucose tolerance tests
    4. One ultrasound scan during each trimester (the first to avoid mistake in date; the second to pick up any anomalies; and the third to assess foetal well-being).
  4. Ante-natal dietary advice for the mother
  5. All procedures associated with delivery (including hospitalization)
  6. Post-natal care
    1. Check-up for the mother and child
    2. Dietary advice and well-being exercises for the mother
    3. Immunization for the new-born.

For more details please call our clinic on 0471 4011441 or fix an appointment with Dr Rita Chacko at Spring Garden Clinic.