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  1. Detailed clinical examination by our Family Physician
  2. Detailed Consultations with any two of our experienced Specialists (Neurology/ Gen. Med./ Orthopaedics)
  3. Detailed Dental check-up
  4. Diet consultation
  5. Eye-check-up (optional)
  6. Investigations:
    1. Hb, TC, DC and ESR
    2. FBS, PPBS
    3. Blood Urea
    4. Serum Creatinine
    5. Liver function test
    6. Serum uric acid
    7. Lipid profile
    8. Urine routine
    9. Stool Routine
    10. ECG
    11. Chest X-ray
    12. Ultra-sound scanning (abdomen and pelvis) (optional)
  7. (Our family physician will explain the significance of and the rationale for these tests.)

  8. A Written Report
  9. Check-up schedule:
      DAY 1
    1. Between 7.30 am and 8.00 am: Report on a empty stomach (for blood, urine and stool samples)
    2. Between 8.30 am and 12.30 pm: Chest X-ray, USS (if applicable)
    3. 12.30 pm: Lunch;
    4. 2.15 pm: Blood sample collection (PPBS)
    5. 2.30 pm: Dental Check-up
    6. 3.00 pm: Detailed examination by the Family Physician
    7. 4.00 pm: Eye check-up (if applicable)
    8. 4.30 pm: Detailed Specialistsí Consultations
      DAY 4
    9. 6.30 pm: Explaining and handing over Written Report

If you would like to know more about our Special Care Total Check-up package, please meet our Administrator, Lt Col (Retd.) C B Daniel for details, or contact him over the phone on 0471-4011441 or by email at springardenclinic@gmail.com