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Doctor-on-call service

The family clinic has a team of doctors who can be called on to make a house visit . Senior citizens or patients with impaired mobility who have already registered with us, can have regular checkups and monitoring done in the comfort of their home. For registration and more details please contact our clinic.

Executive Medical Checkup

Health is the real wealth in today’s fast-paced world. So wouldn’t it be wiser to invest in preventive health care rather than suffer later and spend more in treating diseases which could have been prevented?

The Spring Garden Executive Medical Check-up packages offer you a comprehensive assessment of your overall health status, helping you to manage your health better for a longer and happier life.For more details

Safe Child-Birth Clinic

All expecting mothers look forward to, and are anxious to pass through, a safe, tension-free and comfortable pregnancy and childbirth. The Spring Garden Safe Childbirth Clinic has a professionally designed, eleven month total care package for the expecting mother, from pregnancy to two months after childbirth.

Other special services include
  • A Spine Clinic:Offers innovative and effective conservative management of backache and spinal disorders.
  • The Ante-natal clinic: For worry-free personal support and medical monitoring for the expecting mother.
  • Immunisations. Vaccination for infants, children and adults are available with prior appointment.
  • The Diet and Nutrition Clinic: Guides and nurtures you into health and wellness.
  • Patient Education Programmes: Interactive sessions with specialists in various fields.
  • Periodic camps for detection of : Osteoporosis ( with BMD tests); Spinal deformities;Diabetes/ Diabetic Complications, etc.