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Health and Fitness Programme

Why Spring Garden?

The medical profession today is in an era of super-specialization and groundbreaking developments in medical technology. It may be argued, however, that the personal care traditionally associated with the medical profession is a little missing. We believe that it is the family doctor who can best offer a holistic approach to the human body by co-ordinating all referrals and preparing a holistic treatment plan and bring back the personal, loving care and attention that was traditionally associated with the family doctor.

Consequently, the Family Clinic is the core of our Clinic. Your first appointment at our Clinic, if it is not for emergency treatment, will inevitably be with our experienced Family Physicians. It will consist of a comprehensive, carefully documented examination of your overall health status. In case any specialist consultation is required, our Family Physicians will refer you to our panel of highly qualified and experienced specialists and co-ordinate and guide you through all treatment procedures.

As a simple instance of the benefits of the family doctor, she/he will ensure that medications are not duplicated and that incompatible drugs are not prescribed, when the patient is referred to different specialists.

What we offer you:
  • Personal care and professional medical treatment of the highest standard -- for you and your whole family, through the concept of the family clinic.
  • A panel of highly experienced doctors in various specialities.
  • Co-ordinated referrals to the best specialists for surgical procedures and super-speciality consultation and treatment.
  • A calm, hygienic and relaxing environment.
Our facilities include:
  • A full-fledged, modern Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre with trained and experienced personnel.
  • A Clinical Laboratory.
  • ECG under the quality management programme of C.M.C., Vellore.
  • Tie-ups with hospitals for in-patient treatment and surgical procedures done by our doctors and specialists of our recommendation.
  • A Minor OT and Procedure Room for minor surgical/ orthopaedic procedures.
Special Services:
  • The Spring Garden Medical Consultancy and Advisory services: Offers you a detailed analysis of your health status, and co-ordinates your treatment at various super-speciality hospitals in Kerala.
  • The Spring Garden Executive Health Check-up packages: Offers you a comprehensive assessment of your overall health status.
  • The Spine Clinic: Offers innovative and effective conservative management of backache and spinal disorders through exercises.
  • The Ante-natal clinic: For worry-free personal support and medical monitoring for the expecting mother.
  • Immunisations.Vaccination for infants, children and adults are available with prior appointment.
  • Patient Education Programmes: Interactive sessions with specialists in various fields.
  • Periodic camps for detection of : Osteoporosis ( with BMD tests); Spinal deformities; Diabetes/ Diabetic Complications.
  • Doctor-on-Call (home visit) and ECG-at-Home services.

For more information about our clinic, please call us at the clinic on 0471- 4011441 or talk to our Administrator (Lt Col (Retd.) C B Daniel), or better still, drop in at our clinic for a fresh perspective on medical care.